Downtown Apex Has Some Exciting Growth Plans!



The Town of Apex recently announced that it is now poised to take Salem Street to the next level, and indicated that the downtown corridor has come a long way since the first settlers arrived in the 1860’s, incorporating the town in 1873.

The Town has created a renovation plan that was recently presented at a public forum whose goal was to reach out to residents and find out what was important to them.

Residents were asked to give their preference on a number of design elements.  Ideas were presented and they were asked to rank their preferences.  Here were the top three suggestions.

·       82% wanted to see 2 to 3 story buildings.

·       67% are looking for better directional and retail signage

·       54% want rooftop dining, a brewery/beer garden, more outdoor dining and courtyards.

Putting people first, celebrating Salem Street and embracing authentic Apex are the guiding principles behind the new plan. The plan is to attract five new restaurants, bars, a brewery and boutique hotel. 

Ample and convenient parking was one of the biggest challenges in the design and implementation of this new plan. This was addressed with a design that provides a net gain of 200 parking spaces within a five-minute walk of downtown.  Also under consideration is eliminating parallel parking on Salem Street and widening the sidewalks to allow for more room for outdoor dining, seasonal flowers, tree planting and pedestrian lighting.  

The Town says the proposed changes will preserve the small town feel of downtown Apex while keeping up with the growth in the area.

The Town of Apex Downtown Master Plan and Parking Study (Downtown Plan) will establish a guiding vision for downtown Apex, address commercial and residential markets, identify projects for place making and public spaces, and recommend parking strategies. The plan will include action strategies, cost estimates, and recommend leadership roles for plan implementation. The entire area within the Apex Peakway will be considered, but the main focus will be on the historic downtown core. 

Learn more about the Apex Downtown Plan here

And throughout the planning process, the public can get up-to-date information on opportunities for engagement and the plan itself by reviewing the Master Plan here

For more information about this plan and to submit questions and public commentary you may contact:

Shannon Cox, AICP
Long Range Planning Manager
Department of Planning and Community Development
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (919) 249-3505