Cary City Services Now Available Through 311

Cary's 311 phone number is now up and running city-wide. From 7am to 7pm you can dial 311 from phones within the Cary town limits to be connected with a Citizens Advocate at Town Hall who will connect you with the proper department to deal with your service request. Full details are available at Please note: 1) This is NOT a replacement for 911. 311 is for scheduled city service requests. 911 is still the number to use for emergency response. 2) 311 only works from phone lines identified as being within the town limits. Outside the area, you need to use (919) 469-4000. When I tried calling 311 on my Spectrum cable phone service at my house in Cary, it did NOT connect and I had to use the "outside" phone number.


311 is Cary's new way to easily make a non-emergency request for service or have a general question answered. It's your direct connection into Town Hall to get what you need from any department, whether it's reporting a missed curbside collection, asking a question about your utility bill, getting information about nearby rezoning, and much more.If you require emergency service, please dial 911.

Citizen Advocates are standing by to work on behalf of our citizens as we navigate Town Hall's many services together. Simply dial 3-1-1 from within Cary Town limits or (919) 469-4000 outside of Town limits.

We understand that phone calls aren't always the most convenient way to get assistance. You may also start a 311 service request through:

  • Our online services portal
  • Email
  • Twitter (tag your request with #311Cary)

Requests made by social media or email may take up to one business day to receive a response. 

What to Expect When Using 311Cary

311 serves as a central line for all non-emergency Town services. When you call weekdays from 7 a.m.-7 p.m., a citizen advocate will either answer your question or create a service request/work order; a tracking number will be generated should you wish to track your request.

If a Citizen Advocate is unable to fulfill your request on the spot, they will assist you in navigating the many departments and functional areas of Cary Town Hall, ensuring you are directly connected to the best person who can help. This means Cary citizens, visitors, and businesses no longer have to spend time trying to find the right group or individual to get what they need.

After hours, citizens calling 311Cary can report a water or sewer emergency. All other after hours requests are best handled via the online services portal.

When NOT to Call 311Cary

311Cary does not replace a request for emergency services. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency, including but not limited to fire, injury, or a crime in progress. 

Public Information Consideration

While engaging with 311Cary, you may submit and share information with the Town as part of reporting a problem or asking a question, filling in and submitting online forms, emailing a citizen advocate, or personalizing a customized portal. The Town encourages users of its website and other digital applications to only provide information that is required or requested, and to avoid including unneeded, personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security numbers.