The Law of the Leash

Domesticated animals, cats and dogs, are all required to be leashed when outside of their individual owner’s property.  Failure to be a responsible owner could result in a fine.

Many pets, even the most obedient, chase and threaten wildlife. It’s a natural instinct!  Pets can become aroused visually, by a scent or noise and may scare birds or other wildlife away from nesting, feeding, and resting sites.

Lots of people are afraid of animals – even friendly ones. Some fear being knocked down or bitten and never assume people want to meet your pet!

A leash protects your pet from accidents like becoming lost, injured by a fast moving bicyclist, or even a car.

Wildlife may bite or transmit disease to your pet, and your pet may ingest poisonous plants. On a leash your pet is less likely to encounter these dangers.

Best reason to leash your best friend: It’s the law.