The Regency Park Partnership’s Preferred Provider program is designed to give our readers a list of approved service providers that they can choose from in their time of need.

Preferred Providers must agree to provide superior services to registered users and are willing to accept non-fee based referrals from the Regency Park Partnership.

And although these service providers are expected to give a high level of service and performance to all of theirs customers and clients, registered users might able to enjoy special attention and incentives that others would not otherwise receive.

Only registered users can provide feedback about their experiences with our Preferred Providers.

Preferred Providers must agree that they will never pay a referral fee to the Regency Park Partnership or any registered user except where referrals may be customary such as in the case of real estate referrals.

A list of the Preferred Provider service types are listed in the Preferred Provider menu located on the lower left side of the home page.

Except for real estate, there is only one Preferred Provider for each service type.