The Regency Park Partnership has its roots in Nextdoor.   It was through Nextdoor’s posts that we began to understand that both newcomers, as well as those who already resided here, wanted to know more about their surroundings, how to find local resources, and where they could find reputable service providers. In many instances, different posts asked the same questions many times over.

So we decided to develop a website that would take some of the Nextdoor’s questions and their answers and put them on that website. Thus was born the Regency Park Partnership, a logical extension of Nextdoor.

As website development continued, we added front page articles, interviews, and other resources as well.

And we found that many of the posts on Nextdoor asked for recommendations for home and personal services. Thus was born RPP’s Preferred Provider Program, another logical extension of Nextdoor and a place homeowners can go to find reputable area products and services. In time we plan to add additional home and personal services to our Preferred Provider program after vetting processes are completed.

The Regency Park Partnership has no revenue or income streams. There is no fee to become a Registered User and Preferred Providers are prohibited from paying a referral or fee of any kind to the RPP.

The RPP is manned by a small group of volunteers who donate their time and absorb expenses as a service to the community.

In addition to making its presence known to those who belong to Nextdoor, the Regency Park Partnership will also make its presence known in neighborhoods that do not yet belong to Nextdoor. In so doing, both Nextdoor and the RPP will be promoted to increase the membership of both entities.

While our original objective was to reach out to neighborhoods in southeast Cary, all who belong to our Nextdoor network are welcome to become registered users. And when the number of registered users in other areas becomes sufficient we plan to add resources and articles that will be interest to these neighborhoods as well.

Nextdoor and the Regency Park Partnership, providing important resources for the neighborhoods and communities of southeast Wake County.