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Cary Launches New Solid Waste and Recycling App

Cary Collects offers citizens personalized pickup schedules, reminders, disposal guidelines and more

  • Cary Collects, the Town’s new hub for solid waste and recycling information, launches today on the web at  https://www.townofcary.org/collects and for Apple and Android devices on the Apple and Google Play stores.
  • Cary Collects will help the Town transition away from the annually printed loose leaf schedule and recycling calendars by communicating this information in a web and mobile app.
  • Citizens who prefer a printed and mailed recycling calendar may request one by calling (919) 469-4090.

Cary, NC -- Cary is going green this fall by providing solid waste collection schedules, including loose leaf pickup, via Cary Collects, its new web and mobile app. This tool is a convenient option to get your loose leaf schedule and recycling calendars as well as comprehensive information on solid waste services and disposal guidelines. Cary Collects allows users to set reminders and notifications for their collection days, helping ensure  residents never miss a pickup. 

Citizens who prefer a printed and mailed recycling calendar may request one by calling (919) 469-4090.  

“Cary Collects will offer our customers an improved level of service by placing so much information at their fingertips. We are making it easier than ever to find your collection days, keep up with changing schedules, and stay current with ever-changing recycling materials,” said Public Works Director Scott Hecht. “And by reducing paper calendars, we are also supporting our commitment to environmental stewardship.” 

To find a garbage or recycling schedule, simply visit https://www.townofcary.org/collects

on the web or open the app on your phone and search for your address. Holiday collection changes, loose leaf collection periods, and waste events will be reflected in users’ personalized calendars. 

Cary Collects is a ReCollect communications product customized to Cary’s solid waste services. While Cary Collects offers loose leaf information , this year, the Town will also mail the current loose leaf map and schedule and make it available through http://maps.townofcary.org/" target="_blank">maps.townofcary.org.

For more information, visit https://www.townofcary.org/collects

Primary Contacts

Scott Hecht, Public Works Director,  (919) 469-4093
Bob Holden, Solid Waste Division Manager, (919) 469-4388
Jennifer Warner, Senior Marketing Manager, (919) 462-3960