North Carolina Pauses in Safer At Home Phase 2,Adds Statewide Requirementfor Face Coverings

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Before you do any digging on your property, it is always a good idea to know where your utility lines are located

These include electric, telephone, cable, water, and sewer lines. And don’t forget those irrigations lines either!

And just because you may know where the lines that cross your own property are, there may be other considerations as well. If you are putting in a new mailbox post there may be underground utility lines that run along the easement or right away that go to your neighbor’s property.

And don’t assume that someone excavating on your property had called to have your lines located. And this also goes for one of your own utility company as well. If one utility company that is installing an replacement underground utility line on your property cuts through a different utilities company’s line because all of the underground lines had not be located, all of a sudden you may have two problems instead of just one.

Call the “NC One Call Center” at 1-800-632-4949 before you dig, or before anyone else is allowed to dig on your property. And just calling may not always be enough. You need to be sure all of the underground lines and cables have been clearly marked before any excavation begins!

You can also visit their website “North Carolina 811”  for more information.